Points of Difference


We charge less than some of the other national brands. Find out how we compare by using our commission calculator.

Mike launched Mike Pero Real Estate for the same reason he launched Mike Pero Mortgages back in 1991 because I thought Kiwis were paying too much.

How our Fee is Structured - This is what makes us different

  • 2.95%+GST up to $390,000
  • 1.95%+GST on the balance
  • $490+GST admin fee
What Makes Us Different - Fees

The calculated commission includes admin fee, GST and is based upon information provided to Mike Pero Real Estate Limited believed to be correct at the time. When property values exceed $600,000 fees tend to vary (elsewhere) more so the accuracy of the formulas may diminish also fees elsewhere can and do vary between regions and branches. Agents may vary commissions on a case by case basis. While every endeavour has been made to ensure accuracy Mike Pero Real Estate does not accept responsibility for variations to these fees and the respective savings. For more information about the data used please contact support@mikepero.com 

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What Makes Us Different - Call Centre
What Makes Us Different - Trust MPRE
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